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Unsung Warriors - Prologue

Unsung Warriors is a game to be released by Osarion & Mountaineer. We have released a demo called Unsung Warriors - Prologue. With this demo, we want to generate interest and support for our crowdfunding campaign, which will be held January 15 - February 18, 2019.

Basic info

Game name: Unsung Warriors - Prologue.
Developer/publisher: Osarion and Mountaineer.
Developer location: Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Demo release date: 17th September 2018.
Players: 1-2 players (couch co-op).
Playtime: 30-60 minutes.
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux.
Price: The demo version is free for download.
Languages: English.

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Press Contact


Mikel Fick and Ramon van Schaik.

Demo Description

'Unsung Warriors - Prologue' is a 2D action-adventure set in Iron-Age inspired Europe. In this demo you'll explore an ancient crypt in order to find out what happened to your missing tribesmen.

Features of Unsung Warriors - Prologue

  • Single player & couch co-op mode
  • Explore a beautiful handcrafted 2D world
  • Battle against ferocious enemies
  • Equip different types of weapons and items
  • Buy or sell equipment at a shop (no in-app purchases)
  • Discover various secret areas
  • Challenging boss battles
  • Use your skills and reflexes to survive
  • Keyboard,  touchscreen & controller support (rumble included)
  • Multiple endings (in the final version of the prologue)

  • Platform away!

    Inspired by our stacked 50 years of gaming experience, we tried to recreate the best platform feeling, leaving the player in full control over his/her character.

    Diverse fighting system

    Swords, axes, bows, magic or just bare fists. Weapons are carefully designed around certain strengths and weaknesses, which give you the opportunity to try out different tactics against different types of enemies and situations. Playing aggressively is certainly a viable approach, but there are lots of other ways to defeat opponents. You can sneak up behind your victim and deliver a killing blow, or you can outsmart them by using the environment to your advantage.

    There are a lot of possibilities. Choose the fighting style that you prefer.

    Solo or couch co-op

    Every bit of this game is designed to be played both single player and couch co-op. You can switch between game modes any time you want.
    The game will adjust the amount of enemies and difficulty level accordingly.

    Inspired by Iron-Age Europe

    We've derived much inspiration from Iron-Age Europe in combination with fantasy, myth and folklore elements. The heroes, the characters and the environments are not aimed to be historically accurate. Instead, this game has been designed foremost with gameplay in mind. It's purely a work of fiction in an underlying setting of European barbarian culture.

    Crowdfunding & future development

    We will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund Unsung Warriors, for the period of January 15 - February 18, 2019. In order to thank the potential backers of the campaign, a secret area hidden deep within the crypt is dedicated to honor them.

    Here's a list of features that we want to develop for the full version of the game:

  • Travel to interesting locations on the worldmap and discover a beautiful ancient world
  • Solve quest and discover an amazing storyline
  • Meet an intriguing cast of characters. Some of them can even become your friends
  • Fight against a wide range of fearsome new enemies
  • Learn powerful new abilities and spells
  • Discover new weapons and items
  • Battle against challenging bosses

  • Kickstarter Trailer (60 sec)

    Prologue Trailer (30 sec)





    (Click for a high resolution image)

    The Cavern Of Names, a location in our demo dedicated to our kickstarter backers

    The Shrine tree. Connected to the progression of our Kickstarter campaign.

    Animated Gifs